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Find Out What You Need to Know About Grass Fed Beef!

We want you to savor the flavor and reap the rewards of eating grass fed beef!

Have you heard about the health benefits of CLA, Omega 3 and other life generating nutrients and want to know more? The goal of this website is to help you reap the many rewards of eating grass fed, and find a purveyor who is right for you.

Get your questions answered

We will try to answer all your questions, and clarify any confusion you may have, while we help you to ask the right questions of any producer you may be considering purchasing from.

What do we know?

So what do we know about grass fed beef, you might ask? Good Question! We are a long-standing ranching family that has been studying, and now producing grass fed beef for a number of years. Yes, we too sell it on the internet, like so many others. And while we would like for you to purchase our product, we feel that it is so important for you to eat grass fed, for your health, that we want you to get all the benefits, whether you buy from us or one of our competitors.

We want you to feel good!

We encourage you to shop and purchase locally, wherever you may live, and buy grass fed products from your region, if they are of high quality. We would love to have the majority of our customer base be from our local region at some point, as well.

Wherever you get your grass fed products, we hope that you do get them, and then eat well, feel good, and enjoy!

Therefore, we're not afraid to promote our competitors' products. We just want people to do what they can to optimize their health, and eating grass fed beef is one of the best ways we know of to do that, from our own experience.

We hope that you'll find our website useful and informative. Inside you can read stories about how we lost weight and felt better when we switched our own beef from grain fed to grass fed, along with useful information you'll want to know when you're purchasing grass fed beef for its health benefits.

and as we like to say at McNeil Ranch and Diamond F Brand Beef:

Eat Well! Feel Good!! Enjoy!!!

Definition of Grass Fed Beef
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Colorado Grass Fed Beef
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Cooking Grass Fed Beef
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Buy Grass Fed Beef
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Healthy Diet
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